Cave Descent is a dungeon in ALfheim Online. It is one of the two dungeons currently in-game.

Inside Cave Descent are two monsters: Rock Crawlers and the Magma Overlord boss. These are two of the toughest enemies in the game, making Cave Descent a treacherous place for new players.

Cave Descent is split into several parts. The first is a long hallway followed by a rocky room filled with Rock Crawlers, making it hard to safely navigate alone. At the end of it is a church building with stairs that lead down into the caverns.

The caverns below the church are filled with water and more Rock Crawlers. Players can safely traverse this part, however, thanks to a large amount of rocks on the right wall of the cavern that can be used as a cover for players eager to get to the boss room.

Finally, the boss room past the water caverns is where the Magma Overlord spawns. It is a large room with a stone walkway leading into the middle, where the boss spawns on a circular stone platform. It is surrounded by lava.